Supporting refugee students

Resettlement support is critical in enabling refugees to overcome the impacts of trauma and adjust to life in Australia. All schools with refugee students have a responsibility to ensure that appropriate support is provided to meet their educational and welfare needs.

Principals are required to:

  • establish a co-ordinated whole school response for supporting refugee students and their individual needs
  • ensure effective school enrolment and orientation processes are available to ensure that refugee students are identified and supported in their transition to school
  • ensure that school policies and practices are effective in identifying and addressing the needs of refugee students
  • allocate resources which target the educational, physical, social and emotional wellbeing of refugee student, including access to counselling, bilingual and English as an Additional Language or Dialect (EAL/D) support
  • include refugee student support strategies as an integral part of the school plan and report on outcomes achieved in the Annual School Report
  • ensure the collection and maintenance of accurate data on refugee students and their needs
  • ensure that data on the wellbeing and educational needs of refugee students informs the development of personalised learning support approaches
  • ensure that staff understand the impact of trauma and are able to respond to the learning and welfare needs of refugee students
  • work with appropriate agencies to support newly arrived refugee students and their families.

This information is from the Multicultural Education Policy and the Supporting refugee students – What schools can do resource. Principals should read the whole policy and resource for more information on supporting refugee students.

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