Student participation and leadership

There is no policy for student participation and leadership. The Wellbeing for Schools Framework and School Excellence Framework require schools to provide opportunities for meaningful student participation and leadership, including student voice and decision making.

Schools will:

  • value and engage student voice within teaching and learning, school planning, operations and governance 
  • involve students in conversations and decisions about what and how they learn and how their learning is assessed
  • develop student participation and leadership skills and nurture character to support their active citizenship
  • provide inclusive student leadership opportunities within the classroom, school and wider community, including SRCs
  • provide opportunities for student participation and leadership that celebrate difference, diversity, and that recognise, respect and respond to identity and cultural background
  • provide opportunities for all students to actively contribute to the school and their community through mentoring, student service learning and volunteering.

This subject is covered by a number of policies. These are listed under DEC policy documents.

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