School attendance

Regular attendance at school is essential to assist students to maximise their potential. Schools, in partnership with parents, are responsible for promoting the regular attendance of students.

Principals are required to:

  • ensure that encouraging and monitoring regular attendance is a core school responsibility
  • maintain an attendance register (roll) in a form approved by the Minister that must be made available for inspection during school hours by a Board inspector or by any authorised person
  • provide clear information to students and parents regarding attendance requirements and the consequences of unsatisfactory attendance
  • ensure the school has effective measures in place to contact parents when they have failed to provide a satisfactory explanation for an absence
  • ensure that for students with attendance concerns, the learning and support needs of those students are addressed in consultation with parents.
  • ensure that when any matter relating to school attendance where safety, welfare and wellbeing concerns for the student arise all required reports are made to the Community Services Child Protection Helpline on 132 111 or the Child Wellbeing Unit.

This information is from the School Attendance Policy. Principals should read the whole policy.

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