Racism has damaging effects on individuals, school communities and society. Schools play a critical role in developing understandings of racism, responding to incidents of racism and preparing students for responsible and effective citizenship in Australian society.

Principals are required to:

  • ensure that the Anti-Racism Policy is implemented in the school
  • nominate an experienced teacher to be the Anti-Racism Contact Officer (ARCO) and ensure that they are trained
  • ensure that complaints of racism are dealt with in accordance with the Complaints Handling Policy Guidelines
  • maintain records of complaints of racism and their resolution in accordance with the Complaints Handling Policy Guidelines
  • promote anti-racism education and the role of the ARCO in the school
  • include anti-racism education strategies in the school plan
  • examine school practices and procedures to ensure that they promote respect for cultural, linguistic and religious diversity and sanction racial discrimination
  • ensure all staff are aware of their obligations under the Anti-Racism Policy, NSW anti-discrimination and Commonwealth anti-racism laws
  • report on the progress of anti-racism education in their Annual School Reports
  • build school community harmony and manage school responses to incidents of community disharmony.

This information is from the Anti-Racism Policy. Principals should read the whole policy and supporting documents.

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