Senior Pathways &
VET programs for Secondary Students

Updated June 2017

Other HSC VET Courses

These courses contribute to the student's HSC but not to the ATAR. They have been endorsed by the Board of Studies Teching & Educational Standards HSC courses. Most of these are based on National Training Package qualifications and may be delivered at school or at TAFE.

A series of information sheets on HSC VET courses are provided from the links below, intended for use by Year 10 students when selecting courses for Year 11. They include course descriptions, possible outcomes and career opportunities.

The TAFE delivered HSC VET (TVET) sheets also include possible pathways in TAFE NSW. Additional information regarding TAFE delivered HSC VET Courses (TVET) including TVET Forms and the location of TVET Courses should be added.

TAFE delivered HSC VET (TVET)

TVET promotional sheets

Course information current April 2015 for 2016 enrolments
Qualifications may change due to ongoing training package revision - outcomes and pathways may be subject to change

Download all BEC promotional sheets in a .zip file

EVET course information

EVET course information regarding externally delivered VET Courses (EVET) including EVET Forms and the location of EVET Courses being offered.

» For further information please contact: VET programs for Secondary Students, VET in Schools, Phone 9266 8944