Senior Pathways &
VET programs for Secondary Students

Updated June 2017

For parents and community

Parents/carers and community are important influencers on children's career decision making. The earliest and often the most powerful learning about careers is shaped by the adults in a young person's life, as well as images on television and in other media.

A student's life, learning and work opportunities are influenced by personal characteristics, as well as family, community and cultural values, geographic, economic and political circumstances including unpredictable events.

The information provided here has been designed to aid parents/carers and community members to better understand the current career development landscape and their critical role in helping young people make transitions affecting their career and study.

Career Planning

Parents/carers can and do play an important role in their children's career decision making.

A partnership between schools, parents and other community members can assist young people to make informed career decisions.

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Career Development

Career Development describes the ongoing process of a person managing their life, learning and work over their lifespan. (National Career Development Strategy, 2013, p3) There are practical and beneficial ways for parents/carers to be involved in their child's career development.

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Career Information

Career information refers to information (print, electronic, personal contacts and other resources) that assists the process of career development. Career information includes occupational and industry information, education and training information and information related to the world of work.

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Subject Information

Advice to support young people and their carers to choose school subjects for the senior years and possible future career paths.

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Moving On - Leaving School

A few helpful resources and important tips to guide parents to help students to take the first steps when leaving school.

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