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Updated June 2017

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Career Planning

Parents can and do play an important role in their children's career decision making. A partnership between schools, parents and other community members can assist young people to make informed career decisions. To learn more about how parents/carers and other community members can partner with schools to support young people's career pathway planning go to:

How parents can assist their children with their career choices: An interview with Judith Leeson

In this audiocast, Judith highlights how today's children are entering a work environment far different from that which their parents experienced at the same age. Judith offers advice to parents about how they can assist their children to recognise their personal interests and choose a career that suits them.

Career planning with your child – (video) Experts talk about how you can help your child broaden their ideas about work and career paths.

Assist your child – (myfuture, accessed November 2014) provides ideas on how to help your child navigate careers and career ideas.

Parents and Carers Guide to Workplace Learning - This guide introduces the concept of workplace learning, what's involved and the support available to parents, carers and students.

PDF file format download icon Raising Resilient Kids: Building inner strength and character into tomorrow's leaders. An article by Michael McQueen, a leading authority on the topic of understanding & engaging Generation Y.