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Updated June 2017

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Career Development

Career development describes the ongoing process of a person managing their life, learning and work over their lifespan. (National Career Development Strategy, 2013, p3) There are practical and beneficial ways for parents/carers to be involved in their child's career development.

Young people need to develop skills and knowledge that will empower them to be able to plan and make informed decisions about their education, training and career pathway.

Career Development on the Australian Government website provides a range of initiatives to help young people with the support of their families and communities, have access to services through and beyond school.

10 tips to increase your child's interest in careers on myfuture provides parents/carers with strategies they use support their children's career development.

PDF file format download icon Raising Resilient Kids: Building inner strength and character into tomorrow's leaders. An article by Michael McQueen, a leading authority on the topic of understanding & engaging Generation Y.

Real Game Series

To learn about strategies and resources through the School to Work Program that support student's career development in NSW Department of Education and Communities go to the following:

School to Work Student Planning

Employment Related Skills Logbook (Employability Skills)

Workplace Learning

School to Work – Reports, Papers and Research