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Actor/Singing Teacher


Apprentice Bricklayer


Area Store Services Specialist, Woolworths

Army Air Dispatcher

Army Corporal

Art Director

Athlete Consultant

Automotive Electrician


Business Owner/Theatre nurse

Business solutions consultant (IT)



Childcare Worker

Coffee House Owner/Coffee Importer/Flight Attendant

Computer Technician

Designer/Former Professional Skateboarder

Designer/Small Business Owner

Electorate Officer

Electrical Apprentice

Environmental Health and Building Surveyor

Environmental Officer

Estimator, Manufacturing and Engineering

Fitter and Machinist

Florist- 1

Florist - 2

Former Olympic Swimmer/TV host/Actor/Author

Franchise Development Support Staff

Getaway Presenter

Gym coordinator/manager

Horse Trainer/Harness Racing Driver

Human Resources Manager

Industry Development Assistant, Tourism

Tiler/Business Manager

Managing Director, Communications Company

Multiplayer Online Games Designer


Newspaper Photographer

Occupational Therapist

Outdoor guide/Information officer

Panel Beater

PE Teacher and University Lecturer

Project Manager (Engineering)


Radio Announcer

Real Estate Agent

Royal Australian Navy Chef

Royal Australian Navy Marine Technician - 1

Royal Australian Navy Marine Technician - 2

Sales and marketing assistant


Security Policeman, RAAF

Senior Technical Officer, Electrotechnology


Sound Engineer/Production Manager/Musician/Student

Television Music Host

Training coordinator


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