Employing an apprentice or trainee

Australian Apprenticeship is the term used to describe both apprenticeships and traineeships. These are jobs for people of any age which combine training and employment and lead to a nationally recognised qualification. Taking on apprentices and trainees can provide real benefits for your business. Your new apprentice or trainee can contribute significantly to your bottom line, with practical skills and knowledge acquired through their training. Taking on a new apprentice may also mean you are eligible for a range of government financial assistance.

When you employ an apprentice (or trainee) you effectively enter into two contracts with your employee - an employment contract and a training contract. It's a good way to build a workforce that understands you and your business.

Engaging an apprentice or trainee

Finding the right qualification and a training organisation

  • Search for an apprentice or trainee qualification that suits your business here. There are around 900 approved apprenticeships and traineeships in NSW.
  • Once you have chosen the qualification, you can search here for a training organisation (RTO) on the NSW DEC approved providers list. Training for new workers by training organisations on this list attracts government funding.

Apprenticeship support

  • The following Australian Government Skills Connect programs may also be of use to support your employed apprentices:
  • - Accelerated Australian Apprenticeships initiative -Led by industry, this initiative will support Australian Apprentices to progress through their training as they demonstrate the required competencies, rather than on a time served basis. This helps business and industry to get the qualified tradespeople needed as soon as possible.
  • - Australian Apprenticeships Mentoring Program – this program is targeted at industries and occupations with current or emerging skills need and Australian Apprentices who may face barriers to participation and may be at risk of withdrawing. It aims to increase the retention rates.

Australian Apprenticeships Centres

  • Australian Apprenticeships Centres promote apprenticeships and traineeships and assist the employer with the paperwork. Around 300 are located across Australia. The site has lots of useful information. Type in your post code to find a Centre near you.

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