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Site Map
  Public Schools NSW
  Training and Industry
  Adult & Higher Education
     Disability Access
      Education and Training
      Housing and Accommodation
      Community Support Services
      Government Support
      Disability Consumer Groups
      TAFE Institutes Disability Services
      Disability Community Consultative Committee
      A-Z of Disability Community Sites
     Higher Education
      Related Links
      Contact Details
      Frequently Asked Questions
        Higher Education Institutions
      News and Other Information
      About Higher Education
        What is Higher Education?
        Higher Education in NSW
        Legislation Governing Higher Education in NSW
      Higher Education Institutions
        NSW Universities
        Other Australian Universities Operating in NSW
        Non-Self Accrediting Institutions Operating in NSW
          Register of Higher Education
      Higher Education Approval Processes
        What is Registration and Accreditation?
        NSW Higher Education Guidelines
        Application Forms and Templates
        Reporting and Declarations
        Higher Education Fees
     NSW Regional Conservatoriums
  Employment With Us
      Equal Employment Opportunity
        On line EEO Survey
     Recruitment & Employment
      Careers for Aboriginal people
        Our commitments
          AHR Development Plan
          AET Policy & Strategy
          Workforce Diversity Plan
        Career pathways
          School leavers
          Career change
          Returning to workforce
        Careers with us
          TAFE NSW
          State/regional offices
          How to apply
        Support and development
          Support for staff
          Career development
          Here to help
        Contact us
      Casual Teachers
        About Casual Teaching
        Getting Started
        Professional Responsibility
          Child protection procedures
          Communicating with parents and caregivers
          Occupational Health and Safety
        Ongoing Professional Development
        Working Towards Your Teacher's Certificate
        Key Documents
        Questions you may need to ask
        Casual.Direct Casual Teacher Staffing System
          Teacher and School Registration Statistics
          Casual Teacher Requests From Schools - Statistics
        Teacher Employment Priority Scheme
        Maximising Your Employment Opportunities
        Welcoming and Supporting Your Casual Teachers
        DET Implementation of the NSW Institute of Teachers
      Senior Positions
      TAFE NSW
      Beginning Teachers
        Appointment to a School
        Induction Program
        The First Day
        Initial Days and Weeks of Teaching
        Probationary Service
        DET Implementation of the NSW Institute of Teachers
      Information for Newly Appointed Teachers
      Teachers Professional Exchange Program
      New staffing procedures
        Director-General Michael Coutts-Trotter's message
        NSW Minister for Education and Training's media release
        Questions and answers - Proposed amendments to the staffing agreement
        Director-General and principals comment
     Awards and Conditions
      Casual Teachers
      Teachers Handbook
      Handbook for Non-teaching Staff in Schools
     Promotion & Transfer
      Local Transfer Scheme
      Advertised Classroom Teacher, Executive and Principal Positions
      Expressions of Interest
      Applying for an Advertised Teaching or Executive Position in NSW Public Schools
      Selection Criteria
      Information for external applicants
      Information for internal applicants
      Casual Teachers
     Salaries & Allowances
      Superannuation Information
      Casual Teachers
      Teacher Salary and Status Review
        Full Time Teaching Service
        Casual Teaching Service
        Non-Teaching Service
        Child Rearing Accreditation
      Locality Allowance
     Code of Conduct
      About the Code of Conduct
        What is the purpose of the Code of Conduct?
        Who has to comply with the Code of Conduct?
        What does the Department expect of its employees?
        What happens if I breach the Code?
      Professional Conduct
        Respect for people
        Professional relationships between employees and students
        Appropriate use of electronic communication and social networking sites
        Use of drugs, alcohol and tobacco
        Identifying and managing conflicts of interest
        Protecting confidential information
        Post separation employment
      Your responsibility
        Reporting concerns about employee conduct
        Duty of care
        Record keeping
        Declaring gifts, benefits and bribes
        Private and secondary employment
        Managing political, community and personal activities
        Personal references
        Using public resources wisely
        Copyright and intellectual property
        Frequently asked questions
        Use of departmental vehicles
  Doing Business with Us
            Collect and Evaluate Information
            Develop Clear Guidelines for Collaboration
            Develop a Plan for Implementation
      Corporate Partnerships
      Sponsorship Opportunities in TAFE NSW
     Products and Services for Sale
      School Curriculum Resources for Sale
     Commercial Training Opportunities
     Tenders and Contracts
      Contract Disclosures
        New Schools 2 Public Private Partnership Project (PPP2)
     Vendor Business Information Project
     DET International
  News Room
      Latest News
  About Us
    About Public Schools
      NSW Public Schools: Strategic Directions 2002-2004
    About TAFE NSW
      TAFE NSW Strategic Directions 2002 -2004
    About Training and Industry
    About Other Adult Education
    About Higher Education
      Warning - Fake Degrees
    Complaints Handling Policy Guidelines
        What about confidentiality
        Can I get assistance in making my complaint
        How will my complaint be handled
        Could my complaint be a Protected Disclosure
        What if I need support
        What if I am not satisfied with the outcome
        Who can receive my complaint
      Receiving a Complaint
        Assessing a complaint
          Assessing a Complaint: Identifying Special Cases
          Assessing a Complaint: Assessing Seriousness
          Assessing a Complaint: Selecting the Appropriate Course of Action
          Assessing a Complaint: Who can approve a procedure?
        Managing complainants
      Quick Assessment Guide
      Managing a Complaint
        Providing support
      Informal Resolution
      Formal Procedures
        Investigation procedure
        Investigation procedure overview
        Negotiation procedure
        Negotiation procedure overview
        Remedy and systems improvement procedure
        Remedy and systems improvement procedure overview
      Links and contacts
      Printable documents
      Related Issues
        Confidentiality and Privacy
        Difficult and serial complainants
        Disciplinary and remedial actions
        External reporting
        External reviews
        False and malicious complaints
        Procedural fairness
        Protection against victimisation
        Workplace bullying and harrasment
      As an employee, what if a complaint is made against me?
      When is it necessary to apply these Guidelines?
    Ministerial media releases
    Director-General - Comments, interviews and budget hearings
    TAFE Award implementation
  Public Reviews and Inquiries
    NSW Submission to Higher Education Review
    Outcomes Assessment and Reporting Evaluation
    Raising the school leaving age
      Consultation on raising the school leaving age
      NSW Government Summit on Raising the School Leaving Age
          Video of Minister's speech
          Audio files from School Leaving Age Summit
    Knowing Makes the Difference: Learnings from the NSW Priority Action Schools Program
    National reporting on student outcomes
    Excellence and Innovation
    Aboriginal Education Review
      Review Reference Group Members
      Consultations with Key Stakeholders
      Media Releases
      Terms of Reference
      Field Trips
      Background to the Review
      The Report
      Review of the Aboriginal Education Policy
      Academic Advisory Group
      Partnership Agreement
      Picture Gallery
      Gumbaynggirr Language and AER Artwork
  Strategic Research
    Current Research Projects
      An Exceptional Schooling Outcomes Project
      Numeracy Research in NSW Primary Schools Project
      Quality Teaching Awards
      Vocational Education and Equity in Secondary Schooling
      Gender Equity in Public Institutions
      e-Learning Approaches to Teacher Professional Development (K-6 Science and Technology)
    Completed Research Projects
      Towards Identifying Professional Teaching Standards for NSW Schools
      National Discussion Paper on Standards of Professional Practice for Accomplished Teaching
      Two decades of Sound and fury
      Collegiate Education
    Research and Evaluation Enquiries
    SERAP Enquiries
    CRC Expressions of Interest – Enquiries and Responses
  Strategic Directions
      Aboriginal Human Resource Development Plan 2006-2008
      Connected Classrooms Program
        About CCP
          Interactive Classrooms Project
          Learning Tools Project
          Network Enhancement Project
          Program Team
        Quick Links
        Contact Details
        Latest News
      Building the Education Revolution (BER)
    Memoranda of Understanding
    NSW Public Schools: Strategic Directions 2002-2004
    TAFE NSW: Strategic Directions 2002-2004
    Education and Training 2000-2002
    NSW Public Schools: Strategic Directions 2000-2002
    TAFE NSW: Strategic Directions 2000-2002
    NSW Public Schools: Agenda 99
    NSW Public Schools: Agenda 98
    NSW Public Schools: Agenda 97
  Reports, Statistics and Information
    Annual Reports
        Year 2007
      Annual Report 2008
        Statistical Compendium
      Annual Report 2007
      Annual Report 2006
      Annual Report 2005
      Annual Report 2004
      Annual Report 2003
      Annual Report 2002
      Annual Report 2001
      Annual Report 2000
      Annual Report 1999
      Annual Report 1998
      Annual Report 1997
      Annual Report 1996
    Asbestos Register
      A to Z Registers
      Frequently asked Questions
    Fast Facts
    Statistics and Information
      TAFE Statistics Newsletters
      About Schools and Students in NSW
      Suspensions and expulsions
      Principals priorities - minor capital works
    Principals feedback survey
    NSW Minister for Education and Training & Australian College of Education, NSW Branch, Quality Teaching Awards
    Training Awards
    Excellence in Education
    TAFE NSW Quality Awards
    Minister's Award for Excellence in Student Achievement
    Director-General's School Achievement Award
      2002 Winners
    Award for Excellent Service to Public Education and Training
      2002 Winners
    Meritorious Service to Public Education and Training Award
    Cohesive Community School Award
    Jim Anderson Scholarships
    Leadership Fellowships
    Public School Parent of the Year Award
    School and TAFE NSW Administrative and Support Staff Recognition Award
    Excellence in the Integration of Information and Communication Technologies Award
    Fulbright Scholarships
    Community Language
    Aboriginal Employment and Business Awards
    NSW Schools Nanga Mai Awards
      Photo Gallery
    Order of Australia Association
    The Premier's ANZAC Memorial Scholarships 2008 - 2009
    Microsoft Pty Ltd Information and Communication Technologies Scholarship
    TAFE NSW Gili Awards
      Photo Gallery
    United World College Scholarships
    The NSW Service Medallion
    Meritorious Service to Public Education Awards Alumni 2003
    Integration of Information and Communication Technologies Awards Alumni 2003
    School and TAFE NSW Administrative and Support Staff Recognition Award Alumni 2003
    Jim Anderson Scholarships Alumni 2003
    Cohesive Community School Award Alumni 2003
    Meritorious Award 2004
    School and TAFE NSW Administrative and Support Staff Recognition Award 2004
    Integration of Information and Communication Technologies Awards Alumni 2004
    NSW Premier's Teacher Scholarships
      Alumni Members
      Premier's Coca-Cola Active Lifestyle Scholarships
      Lend Lease English Literature Scholarships
      Premier's Macquarie Bank Science Scholarships
      Premier's Special Education Scholarships
      Premier's Westfield History Scholarships
      Premier's TAFE English Literature Scholarships
      Premier's ABN AMRO Business Studies, Economics Scholarships
      Premier's Australian Military History Scholarships
      Special Education
      Activate Lifestyle Scholarships
      Premier's EnergyAustralia Environmental Education Scholarships
      Premier's Harvey Norman Information and Communication Technologies Scholarships
      Premier's KPMG Business Education in Australia Scholarships
      Premier's Xstrata Coal Rural and Remote Education Scholarships
      Premier's TAFE English Literature, Language and Communication Scholarship
      Premier's Country Energy Indigenous Education Scholarships
      Premier's Minter Ellison Educational Leadership Scholarship
      Premier’s Visy Industries Environmental Education Scholarship
      Premier's Bilfinger Berger German Language Teacher Scholarship
      Premier's Kingold Chinese Bridge Language Teacher Scholarships
      Premier's Visy Industries Environmental Education Scholarship
      Premier's Genworth Financial Mathematics Scholarships
    Exchange Programs
  Doing Business with Us
  Historical Information
  Translation by Language
     Translation by Documents
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  Terms and Conditions
      The National Education Access Licence for Schools
      Privacy Code of Practice
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