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Pre-reading package


The following three articles are part of the mentor training package for pre-reading before the Mentoring essentials face-to-face training. All participants in this training are asked to read these before the training starts.

Article one: The Good Mentor
Rowley, J.B., The Good Mentor, Educational Leadership, Volume 56, No 8, pages 20-22, May 1999.
(pdf document 56kb pdf file)

Article two: Leadership for Learning
Dorval, K.B., Isaksen, S.G., Noller, R.B., Leadership for Learning: tips for effective mentoring and coaching, pages 1-12, 2001, http://www.cpsb.com/resources/downloads/public/Mentoring_Coaching.pdf

Article three: Mentoring New Principals
Dowling, F. & Walkington, J., Mentoring New Principals: good intentions, realistic expectations and outcomes, Australian Association for Research in Education (AARE) Conference, 2004.

Additional readings, available from Educational Training and Information Services (ETIS) are included in Mentoring essentials: resources.