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Quality Teaching


In this website you will find a range of information, research and resources to support the implementation of the NSW Quality Teaching model. The NSW Quality Teaching resources and support materials have been developed to assist schools in planning for and implementing the model. These materials have been designed to support teacher professional learning and practice through reflection, analysis and collegial discussion.


The Quality teaching website is divided into 3 main subsections


The Resources described in this area are designed to support school communities in their implementation of the NSW Quality Teaching model.


The resources offered here have been developed to focus and support the work of teachers and school leaders in implementing the Quality Teaching model in NSW public schools.

School Stories

The stories provided here are snapshots of each school’s engagement with the Quality Teaching model.

What is Quality Teaching?

The NSW Quality Teaching model provides a framework to focus attention on, and provide consistent messages about, pedagogy in public schools. The model can be applied across all Key Learning Areas from Kindergarten to Year 12.

Three dimensions of Quality Teaching

Building on recent research the NSW QT model identifies three dimensions of pedagogy that have been linked to improved student outcomes:

While intellectual quality is central, all three dimensions are essential for improved student outcomes.

Quality learning environmentIntellectual qualitySignificance



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