About My PL@Edu

My PL@Edu is a professional learning management system that:

  • is pivotal in registration process for professional learning courses and programs in DEC
  • enables staff to search professional learning events using keywords, region/directorate, Professional Teaching Standards, key learning area, student stage, subject and venues
  • manages the online enrolment process
  • manages the delivery of professional learning courses and programs
  • enables principals, regional and directorate staff to access registered and locally developed professional learning course materials
  • enables principals to schedule and manage professional learning within their school
  • enables principals to maintain an accurate record of staff participation in professional learning
  • creates a permanent record of professional learning for all DEC staff
  • enables teachers, principals and school education directors to track the professional teaching standards achieved for teachers maintaining accreditation with the NSW Institute of Teachers
  • transfers required data for Institute registered courses to the NSW Institute of Teachers


My PL@Edu is accessed under the My Applications TAB in the DEC Portal
Direct link to My PL@Edu for those without portal access

Browse My PL@Edu to see available courses without logging on or obtaining a username


Email: MyPL@det.nsw.edu.au