About My PL@Edu

My PL@Edu is a professional learning management system that:

  • is pivotal in registration process for professional learning courses and programs in DoE
  • enables staff to search professional learning events using keywords, region/directorate, Professional Teaching Standards, key learning area, student stage, subject and venues
  • manages the online enrolment process
  • manages the delivery of professional learning courses and programs
  • enables teachers, principals, and corporate staff to access registered and locally developed professional learning course materials
  • enables principals (or their delegate) and designated corporate staff to schedule and manage professional learning within their location
  • enables principals to maintain an accurate record of staff participation in professional learning
  • creates a permanent record of professional learning for all DoE staff
  • enables teachers, principals and directors to track the professional teaching standards achieved for teachers maintaining accreditation with the Board of Studies Teaching and Educational Standards
  • transfers required data for QTC registered courses to the Board of Studies Teaching and Educational Standards


My PL@Edu is accessed under the My Applications TAB in the DoE Portal
Direct link to My PL@Edu for those without portal access

Browse My PL@Edu to see available courses without logging on or obtaining a username

DoE and legislative requirements

To assist Corporate Staff to meet DoE policy and legislative requirements, the use of My PL@Edu to schedule and manage professional learning provides:

  • access to the current resources
  • accurate records of the completion of training and information regarding recertification dates
  • a reporting system to meet legislative and Departmental requirements regarding training undertaken by staff

In addition the professional learning resources in The Corporate Staff Training Guide (February 2016) provides additional guidance, support and resources to assist in the local delivery of this important component of a corporate professional learning program.

A checklist that can be used to assist with monitoring staff compliance can be downloaded from here


From 12 August 2016 MyPL will be transitioning to EDConnect for requests for support. This standardises the support process for MyPL bringing it in line with many other applications within the Department. As an end user you will still enjoy the high level of service currently offered by the MyPL team, enhanced by the additional support offered by the first level team in EDConnect.

If you require assistance with the MyPL application you can log your request by ringing 1300 32 32 32 or using the link to the online form below.


Online Form: Request online support