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Sustainable Leadership and Interdependence workshop

Over 1000 school leaders attended one day workshops with Michael Fullan on 31 October or 1-4 November, 2005. The Professional Learning and Leadership Development Directorate was pleased to provide support to regions, schools and all those participating in the one day workshops with Michael Fullan.

Michael Fullan bio

Some readings to inform your discussion

pdf file Creating and sustaining effective professional learning communities (pdf - 2324 KB)

Ray Bolam**, Agnes McMahon*, Louise Stoll***, Sally Thomas* and Mike Wallace**, with Angela Greenwood*, Kate Hawkey**, Malcolm Ingram**, Adele Atkinson* and Michele Smith*, Universities of Bristol*, Bath** and London, Institute of Education***, Department for Education and Skills (DfEs), UK, brief publication code: RB637, 2005.

This report summarises the main findings from research conducted in the United Kingdom between January 2002 and October 2004. Professional learning communities are now central to the National College of School Leadership (NCSL) and DfEs.

PDF File Learning from others at work: communities of practice and informal learning (pdf - 137 KB)
Boud, D & Middleton, H, Journal of Workplace Learning, Volume 15, Number 5, 2003, pp. 194-202.

This paper addresses the question of who is involved in learning in workplaces and the ways in which members of workgroups learn as part of their normal work. It draws on qualitative data from a study of multiple worksites with differentiated work within a large organisation. It examines the value of the notion of communities of practice in Australia within a number of groups of educators.

Web Page Link Schools as Learning Communities
Hill, J, Pettit, J and Dawson, G, Training and Development Directorate, NSW Department of School Education, 1995.

Schools as Learning Communities complements the Quality Teacher Quality Learning discussion paper distributed in 1994. It draws on knowledge from sound practice and quality research into the life and work of schools. The content of this web site is designed to challenge us to think more clearly about our assumptions and current practices and to promote the building of learning communities throughout all sectors of the NSW Department of Education and Training as a basis for enhancing professional learning and student learning outcomes.

PDF File A question of professional community - rhetoric or reality? (pdf - 93 KB)
Plummer, F, unpublished paper, 2005.
This paper addresses the nature of professional communities and discusses the literature identifying the characteristics of professional community in the context of school restructuring. It discusses whether the reality of professional communities can support powerful teacher learning. In conclusion it summarises the complex nature of professional communities and poses a further question.