Voluntary School Contribution

attentionOutlines the criteria for voluntary contributions that can be made by parents and guardians to enhance school programs.

1.Objectives - Policy statement

All schools can request contributions to enhance their educational and sporting programs.


School contributions are voluntary and payment is a matter for decision by parents.


There will be no charge to fulfil the minimum requirements of the curriculum.


Schools may charge students for elective subjects that go beyond the minimum requirements of the curriculum.


Parents who are unable to pay for elective subjects because of financial hardship may be eligible for assistance from the school.


Principals will ensure that no student or family suffers any discrimination or embarrassment over failure to make a voluntary or subject contribution. Confidentiality, privacy and dignity must always be maintained concerning contributions.


Principals will adhere to the Code of Practice relating to school contributions.

2.Audience and applicability

NSW Government Schools.


NSW Government policy is that school contributions are voluntary.


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4.Responsibilities and delegations

The Principal:

  • Determines the level of school contributions and subject contributions in consultation with the school community as part of the school budget process.
  • Advises parents and guardians that all school contributions are voluntary.
  • Advises parents and guardians who are unable to pay for elective subjects that go beyond the minimum requirements of the curriculum that financial assistance is available if required.
  • Adheres to the Code of Practice relating to school contributions.
  • Discloses the amount of voluntary school contributions in the annual financial statements. The statements are provided to the Department, and form part of the school annual report, which is made available to the local school community.
5.Monitoring, evaluation and reporting requirements

The Manager, Schools Finance, will monitor the implementation of this policy and report annually to the Director, Schools Finance.


Manager, Schools Finance (02) 9244 5586

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