How to search for vacancies for an excess employee
Searching for vacancies for an excess employee
I am a case manager from a public service agency-how do I search on jobs@DET for vacancies that may be suitable for an excess employee.

DEC corporate positions, including Administrative, TAFE, Non School Based Teaching Service positions and some Administrative positions in Schools are advertised on the NSW Government's advertising site, Jobs.NSW.

DEC also advertises positions in the following classifications on the Department's advertising site, Jobs@DET

  • Teaching Service positions

  • School Administrative and Support Staff positions

  • Teaching Service positions

    Where a case manager has an excess employee who meets the conditions for employment as a school teacher in NSW Government Schools and is interested in being considered for teaching service positions, the case manager will need to contact Liz Smith, Corporate Employee Services, Department of Education and Communities, at email address

    The Case Manager should provide details of the excess employee's name, date of birth and Department of Education and Communities approval to teach and the geographic locations to which the excess employee wishes to be matched. The Department will contact the case manager to arrange an assessment when any suitable vacancy becomes available for employment applicants or advertisement in the geographic area nominated by the excess employee.

    School Administrative and Support Staff positions

    To obtain a full list of School Administrative and Support Staff vacancies currently advertised, please use the search button at the bottom of the page only - do not use any filters.

    If you have identified a match to a School Administrative and Support Staff position that may be suitable you must contact Ms Liz Smith, Corporate Employee Services at email address in the first instance to discuss the suitability of the match and specific employment requirements.