Removing Authoriser and User AccessΒΆ

Staff access granted in AMU must be removed BEFORE the staff member leaves your site, and before their name disappears from your AMU staff list.

NB. If ticking a box in AMU gives staff access to use an application – THEN unticking a box removes this access.


  • Make it a habit to remove the staff member’s access on their last day of service at your site.

Removing access for:

Casual Staff

  • When Casual Staff finish at a site remove their AMU access FIRST - before they are removed from the site using SMU. See SMU Help and Manage Casual Staff Access at a site.

Contractors and Guests, HPERC users and Non-Government staff

  • Remove their access from AMU on their last day of service and before they reach their expiry date. This date can be viewed in their record in SMU.


  • If AMU access is not removed when these staff finish at a site, they will retain application access to sites where they are no longer working.
  • Then a Service Desk Incident will need to be logged to have this access removed.