Managing Selective Application Enabling

This is restricted access for Application Administration staff only, to manage the roll-out of a new application to selected sites. Access to perform this function is granted via a Service Desk Incident.

Once your access is granted, you will see the option Selective Application Enabling in the left-hand panel of the AMU Home page.

Figure 1 - Shows Selective Application Enabling in the left hand panel:

  • Click on the link to open the Selective Application Enabling page.
  • Select a Location Type, ie. DEC Schools or TAFE Colleges.

Figure 2 - Shows Location Types for Selective Application Enabling in the centre panel:


Select Location

You will either have a single default location or a selection of locations according to the access you’ve been granted.

If you have more than one location assigned, first select a Region, then click the drop-down arrow to open the selection of locations.

Figure 3 - Shows the schools drop-down list presented when you select a Location Type:

  • To find a Location, open the drop-down list of locations by clicking the arrow next to Location/s text box.
  • Either scroll through the list or put your cursor on a location in the displayed list and type the first letter of your required location.
  • This will take you to the first location starting with that letter.

Hint – If you type a few letters quickly without a pause, the search will be directed to locations starting with those few letters.

Example: Typing ‘cam’ quickly brings you to Camden High School, the first location in the list starting with those 3 letters.

Figure 4 - Shows the list of schools filtered when you start typing letters:

  • Select your Location by clicking on it. This places it in the Location text box.
  • Then click the radio button next to the required Application to select it and click Next.

Figure 5 - Shows the selected location in the Locations text box:

  • This will open a new page displaying the staff list for the Selected Site and Selected Application.
  • Change how many entries to view per page using the Show xx entries box, ie. 25, 50, 100 or All.

Figure 6 - Shows the drop-down list of entries you can view per page:


Show Position

  • Ticking Show position check box will display employment positons for your staff.
  • Sort this list by clicking Position in the menu bar to sort Positions alphabetically.
  • Click on it again to bring the valid positions to the top of the list.

Figure 7 - Shows a list of positions displayed:


Identify Principal

Search for the School Principal and tick the box for Enable Application next to their name.

Figure 8 - Shows shows a tick next to name with Principal role:


Enabling this access will:

  • Puts the Application in the list of applications which the School Principal can see in their AMU list.
  • Allows the School Principal to delegate Authoriser access for this new Application to other staff at their site.
  • Allows the School Principal to give User access to staff at their site for this new Application.

Refer to help pages Managing Authoriser Access in AMU and Managing User Access for Other Applications for further assistance.