AMU Screen Functions

Access Management Utility(AMU) Home page contains:

  • A left-hand navigation pane with default screen functions.
  • A central pane with Location Types and Locations to which you’ve been allocated access and the Applications for which you are assigned as an Authoriser.

Figure 1 - Shows the AMU Home page with allocated Location Types and Applications.


Default Screen Functions

The Navigation pane, down the left-hand side of every AMU screen, contains default functions:

  • Help – A detailed User Guide on using AMU.
  • Home – When in an application management screen, click the Home link to redisplay the Home page or to search another application.
  • Log Off – To log out of the application, click Logoff. A message displays to confirm you have successfully logged off.


  • If you’re on a public computer always ensure that you close the browser after use for security reasons.

Allocated Screen Functions

If assigned Regional Administration this is visible in the left-hand navigation pane. This gives you access to assign privileges to staff working in Principal Networks offices and TAFE Institute Offices.

The central pane of the Home page screen displays your applicable Location Types, ie. DEC Schools, TAFE College, Corporate or Non-Government, and your allocated Locations for the Applications for which you have been given Authoriser access to manage staff application access at your site.

Select a Location

If you are assigned to more than one location, you will have a drop-down list. Choose a Location Type. This will display all the locations to which you have been assigned as an Authoriser. Choose the appropiate location.

Figure 2 - Shows example of selecting Location Type of DEC School and then a location from the drop-down menu:


Note – If you are assigned to only one location, you will not need to select a Location Type. Your location is the only one you will see.

Select an Application

Applications in the central pane of the AMU Home page are divided into two areas:

  1. AMU - Access Management Utility – used to grant Authoriser access to staff for any application which is managed through AMU.
  2. Other applications – listed under Select required application to give users access to use this application. These are applications for which you are authorised to give staff access to use at your site.

Figure 3 - Shows the applications divided into two areas AMU and other Applications:


Display the Management Screen

  • Select the required application and click Next to display the Management page.
  • As each application management screen loads, a Progress Bar will be displayed.

Make another selection or refresh the page

  • Click Home and select another school or another application at the same school.

Note - Refer to Authoriser and User Access for further details.