Welcome to Access Management Utility (AMU)

The Access Management Utility (AMU) allows an authorised user (typically a School Principal or Business Unit manager) to give and revoke access rights to staff members for a number of Department of Education (DoE) applications. This includes:

Educational Management Utility (EMU), Staff Management Utility (SMU), School Measurement Assessment and Reporting Toolkit (SMART) and School Resources System (SRS).

Department of Education (DoE) Applications

As new applications are developed, they will be added to the current list of applications that School Principals or Business Unit managers can manage through AMU. They can assign and/or delegate Authoriser rights and grant User access for these applications to their staff and to users not at their location.

An understanding of each application may be found by reading the related help files within the specific application - for example, by reading the EMU Help Guide.

Where do the Staff lists come from?

Staff lists for each site are generated from HR Personnel systems data for Corporate, Schools and TAFE. This data is sent to the Identity Management System (IDM) and seen in Staff Management Utility (SMU) and AMU. Data is also sent to IDM from DoE Other Identity System (DOIS) - a pseudo HR system for contractors and guests, including Non-Government staff.


  • School Principals - are given access to AMU automatically as AMU Authoriser.
  • Business Unit managers - will need to log a Service Desk Incident for this access to be granted.
  • Staff members - may have access to use AMU if they’ve been given the role of Authoriser for AMU through the screen Access Management Utility at their location.
  • Non-Government Principals - are also given access to AMU automatically as AMU Authoriser.

Refer to Managing Authoriser Access in AMU and Managing User Access for Other Applications.


  • Be aware that the DoE proxy will log you out of AMU after 30 minutes of inactivity.